Advocates, lawmakers back efforts to bolster education funding

By Shanna Fortier


A state House bill and a ballot measure could increase education funding throughout Colorado.

Colorado House Bill 1232, which is currently awaiting hearing by the House Education Committee, seeks to create a new public school funding distribution formula for preschool through secondary education.

The modernized school finance formula, proposed by Colorado superintendents, aspires to provide all 178 Colorado school districts with an increased level of funding for all students, while at the same time establishing a more equitable distribution of funding for students who are underserved and/or face the greatest challenges to being ready for college or a career when they finish high school.

“The bill making its way through Legislature would change how the pie gets sliced,” said state Sen. Rachel Zenzinger, D-Arvada, who sits on the Senate education committee and the Legislative Interim Committee on School Finance, which is charged with examining how to update the school finance formula.

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