Booze-filled gift baskets may soon no longer be law-breakers

By Ed Sealover


Auctioning off gift baskets filled with unopened beer, wine or spirits is a common fund-raising maneuver for Colorado charities.

But most people don’t know that any organization who offers such an item is violating state law — as a number of charities in the Pueblo area found out last year when notified by the state’s Liquor and Enforcement Division.

On Monday, the Colorado Legislature began the process of changing that obscure law, with a Senate committee voting unanimously to approve a measure that would allow organizations to offer such gifts as part of special events.

And the sponsors of Senate Bill 67, Democratic Sen. Rachel Zenzinger of Arvada and Republican Sen. Kevin Priola of Henderson, indicated they hope to move the proposal quickly, so that auctions like those at The Arc of Pueblo’s upcoming Golden Tortilla Fundraiser or Disabled Resource Services’ upcoming Wine Fest aren’t losing potential donations because they’re strapped with booze-free gift baskets.

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