Dems try to limit bill to help only foster children

By Charles Ashby


On a party-line vote, Democrats in the Senate Education Committee approved a bill this week to undo part of a law approved by the Colorado Legislature last year.

The measure, SB39, takes out a provision in a bill approved during the 2018 session that extended to all students a new law aimed at helping foster children remain in their school even if they are temporarily placed in a home in a different district.

That new law, partly introduced by Sen. Don Coram, R-Montrose, was designed to give those foster children some stability wherever they are placed.

But in the final days of last year’s session, a Senate committee that then was controlled by Republicans altered the bill to apply to any students and not just foster students, a provision a Denver district court later found to be unconstitutional because it violated the state’s single-subject law.

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