Duran sends construction bill to kill committee

By Ernest Luning


Supporters of a Republican-sponsored bill to require condominium owners and builders to submit claims alleging construction problems to arbitration howled with outrage Wednesday after Democratic House Speaker Crisanta Duran assigned the legislation to the House “kill committee.”

Meanwhile, compromise legislation authored by a bipartisan team of House lawmakers could be waiting in the wings, but the staunchest advocates on both sides of the construction litigation fight say they need to see a bill first before blessing it.

“The pretend hearing that this bill will receive is an insult to Coloradans looking for affordable homes,” said Mike Kopp, president and CEO of the business advocacy group Colorado Concern and a former Senate minority leader. Kopp is also the spokesman for the Homeownership Opportunity Alliance Coalition, a group of business organizations, affordable housing advocates and civic organizations.

“It betrays a shocking indifference to the 40 metro mayors who asked for one simple thing: a fair hearing so reform could be voted on by the full House of Representatives for the first time ever,” he added.

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