Gov. to budget writers: Colorado can keep tuition flat, but with tradeoffs

By Alex Burness


Colorado will have to make tradeoffs if it hopes to avert a tuition hike for the state’s public universities next year, Gov. Jared Polis told state budget-writers Wednesday.

It was Polis’ first public meeting with state budget-writers since he sent them his 2020-21 budget request Nov. 1, and he received generally good feedback.

Sen. Rachel Zenzinger, a Democrat of Arvada, said there’s “a lot of things that I think are great” in the governor’s budget request, but she pressed Polis on the fact that his proposal calls for an average tuition increase of 3% for institutions of higher learning.

Polis joined university and community college presidents Tuesday in publicly committing to solving the problem of skyrocketing costs.

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