‘Gracie’s Bill’ for girl who can’t feel pain

By Shaun Boyd


Gracie Hoyt is one of only 50 people in the world with her condition.

“A lot of people, when they hear Gracie can’t feel pain, they think ‘Oh, it’s a super power’ and I’d like to say, ‘No, it is not a super power. It is a curse,’” said Susan Hoyt, Gracie’s mom.

The family’s struggles only worsened when the 7-year-old’s doctor switched hospitals.

Gracie was barred from following her because the doctor had signed a non-compete contract that prevented from seeing former patients for two years.

Her mom says it took years to find a doctor who could treat Gracie.

“We’ve got this kid with a very complex medical condition and what are we supposed to do now?” she said.

That’s where Sen. Rachel Zenzinger (D) Jefferson County comes in.

“We actually have a covenant not-to-compete in our state statute which seems kind of ridiculous,” Zenzinger said.

She introduced a bill that makes an exception in non-compete contracts for doctors who treat rare disorders like Gracie’s.

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