Jokes and allegations at General Assembly

By Nic Garcia


The big news out of the state Senate this week is that we have traction on Colorado’s next budget.

The bigger news is that the debate over the 600-plus page long bill — which has in previous sessions kept lawmakers locked in heated debate for hours — somehow broke the paralysis in the state’s upper chamber that had crippled the Capitol for weeks.

In honor of the levity that washed over the Senate, my colleague Anna Staver has some of the best zingers from Democratic members of the budget committee:

No. 1: “We do run the risk of more people coming to our state and then they might stay,” said state Sen. Rachel Zenzinger when she spoke in opposition to an amendment that would have allocated $300,000 to improve Colorado’s welcome centers.

No. 2. “The sponsor might actually be smoking something if he thinks we have the money for this line item,” Zenzinger teased Sen. John Cooke about his amendment to spend $200,000 studying the potency of THC.

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