State surplus packaged in roads, schools

By Marianne Goodland JOUNRAL ADVOCATE The first leg on the road to the 2018-19 state budget finished Thursday when the House voted to approve the $28.9 billion Long Appropriations Bill and 18 accompanying measures that help balance the budget. Included in that package is a bill — House Bill 1340 — that puts into action

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Colorado House would move majority of road funding

DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL Hours after the Colorado Senate unanimously passed a formerly divisive transportation-funding bill Wednesday that sets up a potential $3.5 bonding initiative on the 2019 ballot, House Democrats sent a clear signal that the bipartisan agreement will not survive their chamber. During an all-day budget debate, the House approved an amendment to move

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Colorado Senate Hits On A Compromise

By Sam Brasch COLORADO PUBLIC RADIO The state Senate may have landed on a compromise to one of the thorniest issues at the legislature this year: how to pay for fixing Colorado roads. From the opening day of this session, Senate Republicans have made it clear how they think the state should be funding its maintenance backlog. Senate

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Senate Dems back transportation bill

By John Herrick THE COLORADO INDEPENDENT After a scramble on the Senate floor late Wednesday night, lawmakers reached an agreement on a top priority transportation funding bill. Prior to the changes, the bill bogged down last week after Democrats launched a filibuster on the Senate floor lasting hours — a dispiriting debut of legislation both

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