Opposition group still spreading lies about China trip

By Eliza Carter COLORADO INDEPENDENT Colorado state Senate candidate Rachel Zenzinger is once again in the peculiar position of having to insist that she has never been to China. Colorado Citizens for Accountable Government, a conservative political group, is under fire for spreading untrue messages about Zenzinger traveling to China with taxpayer money. Both Zenzinger’s

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Q&A with Rachel Zenzinger

By ARVADA PRESS About Zenzinger: A former Arvada city council member, Zenzinger was appointed to the SD-19 chair in 2013. She served in the state Senate until defeated in the 2014 election by Laura Woods. Zenzinger has a background in education and community service, including volunteering on several boards and commissions, including the Arvada Community

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Blatant False Charge in Key State Senate Race

By Tessa Cheek COLORADO INDEPENDENT Colorado Citizens for Accountable Government, a conservative politics organization, is back, spending heavily in state elections this cycle. And some of the roughly $200,000 they’ve poured into the messaging market so far is behind a false attack advertisement directed at state Senator Rachel Zenzinger, a Democrat from a swing district

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Senator explains need for ‘open-meeting’ standing

By Jeffrey A. Roberts COLORADO FREEDOM OF INFORMATION COALITION Rachel Zenzinger’s appointment to the Colorado Senate last fall created a vacancy on the Arvada City Council that was filled in January using secret ballots to eliminate candidates. On Thursday, Sen. Zenzinger explained why she is now sponsoring legislation making it “crystal clear” that any person

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