Re-elect Jahn, give Zenzinger the green light


Looking at the Jefferson County region for House and Senate races we see incumbents energized to stay in office with a few new faces as worthy challengers.

From the top, it’s a pleasure to endorse incumbent Sen. Cheri Jahn in Senate District 20. We like her ability to cover a variety of issues with dollars and sense in mind — transportation to education and the like. And she has well reasoned independent perspectives on business, which play out well regardless of the overall direction at the Statehouse. This Democrat, who knows how to balance business with social issues, is our choice for another four years. Choose Jahn for sure.

The other nearby senate race pits Democrat Rachel Zenzinger, who was appointed when Evie Hudak resigned, against Republican Laura J Woods. In her short time at the Statehouse, Zenzinger has shown the makings of a consensus builder who can cover a wide array of topics with skill, much like the nonpartisan skills she exhibited while serving as mayor pro tem on the Arvada City Council. We urge voters to give Zenzinger a full term to work at the Statehouse to dig in and show the bring forth the same effectiveness she exhibited in Arvada.

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