Students of color await fallout of Colorado’s school budget cuts

By Jenny Brundin


The coronavirus mauled Colorado’s state budget. Through tears and tough choices, House lawmakers have already passed the so-called long bill which takes a big bite out of education. It’s now the state Senate’s turn to wrangle with the line item jigsaw of cuts.

The rest of June will be tough for school districts. They await the final number that will define the size of cuts they face with bated breath.

Educators like Denver social studies teacher Gerardo Muñoz say the havoc wreaked by COVID-19 on schools has been a generation in the making and felt along racial and class lines. Every time there is a downturn, every time there is a recession, he said, schools bear the brunt of the cuts. And because of societal disinvestment in education, the repercussions will be big.

“The real catastrophe is that we were not in a position as a school system to address this catastrophe when it came,” Muñoz said.

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