Zenzinger in ‘Behind the Politics’ podcast

By Joey Bunch


We learn two things in the latest Colorado Senate Democrats’ podcast with Sen. Rachel Zenzinger: She’s a great fiancee and a great mom.

The Democrat from Arvada is a sports nut. She has apps on her phone to follow scores and teams, and she can break down a bullpen like Vin Scully.

Her favorite sport of team? “It just depends on what season it is,” she says in the latest “Behind the Scenes” podcast with caucus staffers Jill Mullen and David Pourshoushtari.

She was decked out in purple on the Colorado Rockies’ opening day, and nearly won the Senate Democrats’ March Madness bracket.

“It’s something my fiance and I just really enjoy doing together,” Zenzinger said. “And it’s exciting in Colorado in part because we have such great sports teams.”

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