Grounded in the Community

Rachel Zenzinger has been involved tirelessly in the community on a multitude of levels.


Rachel Zenzinger has treasured her personal interactions with citizens of District 19, and she believes those relationships have strengthened her ability to serve.

Focused on Business

As business thrives, so thrives the community; and Rachel Zenzinger has made it a point to stay in touch.

Welcome to the Official Rachel Zenzinger website

When I ran for this seat in the Colorado State Senate in 2016, I emphasized in all my public appearances that I would represent the best interests of my constituency, regardless of party or politics. I have adhered to that promise without exception.

I represent District 19 in the Senate, which encompasses most of Arvada plus the Jefferson County side of Westminster. It’s a politically diverse district, and that means I have to consider the preferences of members of the two major political parties, unaffiliated voters, members of minor parties, and of course residents of the district who don’t vote but still deserve a voice at the State Capitol. As I examine bill proposals in the legislature, my two constant questions are these: “What action will benefit the most people in District 19; and is it fair to the rest of Colorado’s residents?”

I hope you will explore this website to learn more about my history and performance as your State Senator, and please contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to serving you.

My Colorado State Senate assignments

I was fortunate enough to receive assignment to a pair of critical Senate committees that cover most of the issues of most interest to me. I am a member of the Education Committee and the Transportation Committee. My professional background is in the field of education, and I serve as a substitute teacher in the Jeffco Schools system when the legislature is not in session. I hope as a member of the Education Committee, I will be instrumental in the public-school improvements that are long overdue. The same applies to our transportation issues in Colorado, as we face a deteriorating infrastructure that demands attention. I think nearly everyone agrees that our roads and bridges are crying out for upgrades, and we need to find a way to get the job done.

I am also a member of the Statutory Revision Committee, Student Safety and Youth in Crisis Committee, School Finance Interim Committee and the CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) Efficiency and Accountability Committee.  If you want to share a perspective on any issue that would typically come to the attention of any of these committees, please contact me.