Grounded in the Community

Rachel Zenzinger has been involved tirelessly in the community on a multitude of levels.


Rachel Zenzinger has treasured her personal interactions with citizens of District 19, and she believes those relationships have strengthened her ability to serve.

Focused on Business

As business thrives, so thrives the community; and Rachel Zenzinger has made it a point to stay in touch with the needs of business people.


This is the official website of Rachel Zenzinger, Colorado Senator to District 19. Here you will receive news about her legislative activities and other general news about the Colorado General Assembly from her perspective. For detailed and thorough information about the General Assembly, click here.

Dear Visitor,


Thank you for taking the time to visit this website and learn about the ways that I have served Arvada, Westminster and the State of Colorado over the years. I also hope you will familiarize yourself with my campaign for re-election to Senate District 19 and my list of priorities for the coming legislative session – and beyond. During my first session, you might have heard reference to my “Three E’s,” which were the issues of elders, education and the economy. We are not done in those areas! I will continue to focus on them, and I welcome your input. Additionally, I know there is plenty of work to do in the matters of public safety, transportation, housing and health care, just to name a few. On these pages, you will find various ways to contact me. I hope you take advantage, and together we will build a better future for Colorado.


Rachel Zenzinger, State Senator, Dist. 19


I have witnessed Rachel Zenzinger in action, and I have decided to support her rather than vote the Republican ticket as I normally would. She has consistently put the good of Coloradoans and Senate District 19 above her own on several occasions, so this election, I will vote for the candidate not the party. Rachel approaches each problem with an open mind and a willingness to learn the facts and implications first. I trust her to act for the good of the community.
John SullivanArvada resident, District 19 constituent

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