Grounded in the Community

Rachel Zenzinger has been involved tirelessly in the community on a multitude of levels.


Rachel Zenzinger has treasured her personal interactions with citizens of District 19, and she believes those relationships have strengthened her ability to serve.

Focused on Business

As business thrives, so thrives the community; and Rachel Zenzinger has made it a point to stay in touch with the needs of business people.

Statement from Sen. Rachel Zenzinger

Nov. 8, 2014


I want to thank all the volunteers, all the donors, and all the family and friends who supported me so unwaveringly throughout the recent campaign for the District 19 seat in the Colorado Senate. They made the campaign a rewarding experience, despite the outcome. It was a good, solid, positive campaign, with an emphasis on my accomplishments in my first year in the Senate, and with a list of the things I hoped to achieve in 2015 and beyond. I’m proud of the 100 percent bipartisan record that I established in bills that I passed, including those that helped grow the economy, improved our schools and strengthened the protections for the elderly. I believe some of the campaign messages from various, dark corners of the arena made it difficult for voters to make confident selections; and some people told me they simply gave up, without casting their ballots. I think that’s a shame. Now that District 19 has a new representative, I believe she will discover quickly that the only way to achieve results will be to listen to her constituents and act on their behalf; and not with some pre-conceived, extreme agenda. I wish her luck. Now I look forward to the next chapter in my life, in which I will continue to serve my community.


Rachel Zenzinger will continue to be an outstanding Senator and representative of all the residents of District 19. She has shown her ability to work across the aisle with people of all political persuasions. Her concentration on the Three E’s serves the people of Arvada and Westminster very well.
Bob WilsonArvada resident

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