Grounded in the Community

Rachel Zenzinger has been involved tirelessly in the community on a multitude of levels.


Rachel Zenzinger has treasured her personal interactions with citizens of District 19, and she believes those relationships have strengthened her ability to serve.

Focused on Business

As business thrives, so thrives the community; and Rachel Zenzinger has made it a point to stay in touch with the needs of business people.


This is the official website of Rachel Zenzinger, Colorado Senator to District 19. Here you will receive news about her legislative activities and other general news about the Colorado General Assembly from her perspective. For detailed and thorough information about the General Assembly, click here.

Dear Visitor,

BlueBlouseGlasses1Information on these pages will become increasingly relevant in coming weeks, as I embark upon my first Colorado Legislative session, beginning Jan. 8, 2013. It has been a whirlwind transition to my new position as your Colorado (District 19) Senator. I have received so many well-wishes, it has been difficult to respond to them all immediately, but I plan to handle all your questions within a reasonable period! I remain grateful to the committee that voted to appoint me to this position, and I expect to justify their faith in me between now and May when the session ends. I recently learned that I will participate in the Senate’s committees on Education and Local Government, and I know there is much work to be done in those two areas.

Rachel Zenzinger, State Senator, Dist. 19

Next Event:
Town Hall Meeting, April 19, 10:30 a.m. – Noon, Standley Lake Library, 8485 Kipling St., Arvada, Colo.

We will have a public meeting of a more formal nature the third Saturday of every month. We will have presentations, and we will invite discussion about public issues.